Terms of Service

Terms of Service

*All orders processed after 6pm will be picked up the next day.

*We do not wash comforters/blankets of all sizes, rugs/carpets, pillows, jackets, coats, sneakers/shoes, or toys. Any unwanted items will be returned back to the owner as is.

*All laundry orders that weight more than 50lbs will be charged $0.60 per lbs for the over weight amount. We will send a invoice with the over weight charge. Customer’s must pay the over weight amount before the washing process begins.

*Customer must clearly separate laundry items.

*Customer must provide their own laundry bags. If you are using plastic bags please provide extra.

*Special-care instructions must be written on a note and securely attached to the laundry bag.

*Customer must provide hangers for drip-dry items or you can choose to have them folded wet and put into a plastic bag.

* Please do not send wet laundry or it will be included in the weighting process.

* Please report all damaged and missing items within 24hrs or your claim will be dismissed. We will not take responsibility for worn-out clothing, items that fade or shrink during washing and drying, items that was contaminated by other items such as (lipstick), flawed or deteriorated items that resulted in holes or tears, and items that needed special care or did not meet the special-care requirements.

*Customer is responsible for the security of laundry placed in a area without supervision.

* We will automatically charge the delivery fee for missed pickup if the customer or laundry is not available at the agreed-upon time.